Rose Day Quotes 2016

Rose Day Messages For Parents
A Rose Doesn’t Means For Proposing Love
It Also Means.
R – Rare
O – Ones
S – Supporting
E – Entire Life.
Happy Rose Day.!!

happy rose day quotes

rose day quotes 2016

Rose Day Quotes 2016
My Dear Love,
I Am Here With Bunch Of Roses And Lots Of Love,
To Say You, I Love You So Much,
I Have Yellow Roses To Show You My Happiness,
I Have White Roses For You To Show My Purity,
I Have Black Roses For You To Show My Darkest Secrets Of Heart,
And, Lots Of Red Roses To Show You My Unlimited And Eternal Love For You.
Happy Rose Day….

Rose Day Sms N Quotes
My Heart Beats When You Smiles,
My Lungs Breathe When You Talk To Me,
The Day, You Become Silent,
I Get Disturbed As I Get Problems In Breathing And Beating.
Happy Rose Day….

Red Rose Day Sms
Red Roses Are Best Medium To Express Love,
As They Speak Everything,
True Loves Are Enough To Live Whole Life,
As They Energize And Motivate Forever.
Happy Rose Day……

Rose Day Sms Shayari
Oh Dear,
I Want You To Start Your
Lovely Rose Day,
With A Bunch Of Roses
Sent By Me.
Good Morning And Happy Rose Day…….

Rose Day Whatsapp Status
“Love Unlocks Doors And Opens Windows That Weren’t Even There Before.”
Mignon Mclaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966

Rose Day Sms For Lover
“Poetry Spills From The Cracks Of A Broken Heart, But Flows From One Which Is Loved.”
Christopher Paul Rubero

Rose Day Sms For Boyfriend
“Happy Rose Day My Love, I Love U, May Our Life Will,
Full With All Glamour And Happiness Without Any Thorn,
Wishing U Happy Rose Day.”

Rose Day Short Quote
“A Man Is Not Where He Lives, But Where He Loves.”
Latin Proverb

Rose Day One Liners
“There Is No Remedy For Love But To Love More.”

Happy Rose Day 2016 To Sweetheart
“Sweeter Than The Candies, Lovelier Than The Red Roses,
More Huggable Than Soft Toys Sweetheart Wishing You A Rose Day,
That Is As Special As You Are, Happy Rose Day!.”

Funny Rose Day Quote
“At The Touch Of Love Everyone Becomes A Poet.”

Rose Day Sms In English
Loveliest Of Lovely Things Are They On Earth That Soonest Pass Away.The Rose That Lives Its Little Hour Is Prized Beyond The Sculptured Flower… By ~ William C. Bryant

Happy Rose Day Wishes
I Vow To Always Be By You,
Protect You And Shower You With My Love.
You Are Precious Like A Fresh Rose
And I Treasure Every Moment We Spent Together.
I Look Forward To Great Future With You.

Rose Day Sms Message For Bf
With This Rose, I Expose
All My Thoughts And Sensations About You
That I Have Kept For So Long.
I Feel When I Am With You.
I Am Like A Rose,
Not Since Of Its Beauty,
But Because, I Have The Ability To Bloom And Grow With You.

Happy Rose Day To Darling
Can You Imagine The World Without Roses?
It Won’t Be The Same Because
An Important Part Of Its Beauty Will Be Lacking
That Is What My Life Would Be Without You
Happy Rose Day.

Rose Day Indian Message
Deepawali Comes With Lights
Holi Comes With Colourr
Dusshaera Comes With Joy
Lohri Comess With Dance ,
But Rose Day Comes With Love.

Rose Day Wishes Message For Her
With This Rose, I M Not Only Give You Merely A Rose,
But I Give You My Heart And Soul.
I Send To You All The Love I Have To Give,
And Anything Else That Would Give Me The
Chance To Touch Your Heart.
Happy Rose Day My Sweet Heart!

Happy Rose Day Wishes 2016
“Bunch Of Rose I Am Sending You
Yellow To Show Our Happiness
White To Show Our Purity
Black To Show Our Darkest Secrets
And Red To Show Our Love.”
Happy Rose Day 2016.

Rose Day Wishes For Wife
A Rose For You On Rose Day.!!!
Know What?.!!!
Nothing Can Replace You In My Life.!!
Happy Rose Day My Dear Lady!!!

Rose Day Beautiful Message
There Are Many Ways To Reach To Destination,
Some Are So Smooth And Some Are So Rough,
But I Would Always Chose The Way You Go,
And Never Cares Whether It Would Be Smooth Or Rough.
Happy Rose Day….

Rose Day Love Quote
My Dear, I Like Everything About You,
The Way You Talk,
The Way You Smile,
The Way You Walk,
The Style You See,
And The Way You Hide Your Eyes From Me,
I Love You So Much.
Happy Rose Day…….

Love Quotes On Rose Day
“Trip Over Love, You Can Get Up. Fall In Love And You Fall Forever.”

Heart Touching Quote On Rose Day
“Anyone Can Catch Your Eye, But It Takes Someone Special To Catch Your Heart.”

Awesome Rose Day Quotes
“My Heart To You Is Given;
Oh, Do Give Yours To Me;
We’ll Lock Them Up Together,
And Throw Away The Key.”
Frederick Saunders

Rose Day Love Sms Short
“Love Is The Greatest Refreshment In Life.”
Pablo Picasso

Best Rose Day Love Sms
“What The World Really Needs Is More Love And Less Paper Work.”
Pearl Bailey

Rose Day To A Beautiful Person
“Any 1 Can Love A Rose, But No 1 Will Love A Leaf That,
Made The Rose, Don’t Love Someone Who Is Beautiful,
But Love The One Who Can Make Your Life Beautiful,
Happy Rose Day.”

Happy Rose Day To Friends On Whatsapp, Facebook
Roses Are Lovely Flowers And
They Always Brighten A Room
And Bring Joy To The Heart.
You Have Done The Same For Me,
Brightened My Life And Brought Joy Into It.
Happy Rose Day And Lots Of Love.

Rose Day Wishes For Sweetheart
A Relationship Is Like A Rose,
For How Long It Lasts, Nobody Understands.
Love Can Eliminate A Dreadful Past,
Love Can Be Yours, U Will Certainly See At Last.
To Feel That Love, It Makes U Sigh,
To Have It Leave, U Would Rather Pass Away.
U Hope U Have Actually Discovered That Unique Rose,
Cause U Love And Care For The One U Choose.
Delighted Rose Day Sweetie

Rose Day Color Message
‘Don’t Send Yellow Rose If You Desire A Long Everlasting Relation; Don’t Offer White Rose If You Desire A Charming Relation Send Out A Red Rose Which Specifies Our Stunning Relation. Pleased Rose Day Dear !!

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